The latest and most sophisticated expression of KAI’s commitment to massage technology, the GTS9 builds upon the groundbreaking 3DS Art Motion Engine and Sonic Wave technology with the L-Track+ to deliver the widest range of positions and motions of any massage chair available.

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Sonic Wave

A symphonic revolution of sound and motion, KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine uses proprietary Sonic Wave technology to sync the movement of the massage rollers with a range of low-frequency sound waves that penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible with any conventional massage engine.

3DS Art Motion Massage Engine

KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine combines mechanical 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology to provide a uniquely versatile range of massage experiences, from delicately soothing to deeply therapeutic.


The GTS9 goes beyond the benefits of a conventional L-Track with the addition of an ergonomically-crafted lumbar curve. By matching the natural curvature of the lower back, the track allows the 3DS Art Motion engine to deliver a more effective massage to this critical area of the lower back.

Body Scan with Precision Massage Customization

The GTS9 automatically measures your body prior to each session, customizing the motions and acoustic vibrations of the 3DS Art Motion engine across 140 distinct body zones to provide a massage tailored to each user’s unique body profile.

Independently Controlled Heat Zones

Independently controlled infrared heating elements in the back rollers, seat and calf provide penetrating warmth to help loosen muscles and calm the mind.

Advanced Safety System

The GTS9 vigilantly monitors for young children or pets that come too close to a moving footrest or backrest. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by an array of touch and motion sensors located in the footrest, leg and backrest that detect nearby obstructions and automatically stop the chair’s motion.

Zero Gravity

The GTS9’s Triple Actuator J-Track+ is capable of placing users in a wide range of body positions, including zero gravity. The zero-gravity posture encourages blood flow and lets muscles fully relax by placing the users in a semi-fetal prone position with knees above the heart and weight evenly distributed across your entire body.

Soundscape Massage

Transform your state of mind and body with a masterfully orchestrated fusion of music, motion, and acoustic vibration. The movements and sonic vibration of the 3DS Art Motion engine are carefully choreographed to five pre-loaded songs ranging from meditative to energizing. Or pair with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device to create a custom experience.

Soundscape Massage UNIVERSAL® Music Collaboration

Extend your immersive massage experience with a curated selection of songs from Universal Music’s extensive library.

Foot Rollers with Sonic Wave

The GTS9 combines whole-foot compression, foot and sole rolling capability and Sonic Wave for a unique, deeply relieving foot massage. Unique horizontal sole massaging disks deliver movements and sensations that mobilize the structure of the foot and stimulate important reflexology points of the feet.

Automatic Leg Extension

The GTS9 footrest automatically adjusts its position to perfectly match the footrest length to the user’s height.

Fingertip Quick Controls

Located in the right armrest, the Quick Controls allow the user to manage key functions of the GTS9 by barely moving a muscle.

Ambient Mood Lighting

Enhance your sense of escape with immersive ambient light.

USB Port

Recharge your smart devices while recharging your mind and body.


Wirelessly connect your audio device to the GTS9 to take full advantage of its Immersive Audio System and Soundscape Massage.

Immersive Audio

Expand your massage session beyond the realm of touch with Immersive Audio. Connect your own music device via Bluetooth or enjoy the GTS9’s pre-programmed scores.

Zero Space Wall Hugging

The GTS9 requires ZERO SPACE between the wall and the chair back in order to move from upright to reclined positions, allowing the chair to fit in even tightest places.



Upright Dimensions

1650(L) x 825(W) x 1180(H)mm

Reclined Dimensions

2060(L) x 820(W) x 1040(H)mm

Packaging Dimensions:

Box 1 (Main Body):
56″” W x 30.25″” L x 36″” H (1420mm W x 766mm L x 915mm H)

Box 2 (Arms):
64.5″” W x 30″” L x 20.25″” H (1640mm W x 755m L x 515mm H)

Box 3 (Foot/Leg Unit):
23″” W x 22 L x 24.75″” H (580mm W x 555mm L x 625mm H)

Chair Weight:

149 kg

Boxed Weight

Box 1 (Main Body):
236 lbs (107kg)

Box 2 (Arms):
95 lbs (43kg)

Box 3 (Foot/Leg Unit):
57.5 lbs (26kg)

Manual Programs: 11

Automatical Programs: 7

Program Run Time: 15 min

Height Range:

4’9″-6′-1″ (145cm-185.5cm)

Power Supply

230W, 110V

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