KAI Affiliate Program

About KAI

KAI is the embodiment of Korean massage chair expertise and innovation. We lead the way in research & development to deliver cutting-edge massage technology that improves your rest, wellness, and quality of life.

How It Works

  1. Someone clicks on your referral link & goes to our website.
  2. The visitor’s IP address is recorded and a cookie is placed on their browser for tracking. This cookie will be stored there for up to 30 days.
  3. The visitor browses our website and decides to order a product.
  4. The order will be recorded as a sale for you and you’ll receive a commission. If they don’t order initially, but if they come back and order within the 30 day window, you will still receive credit for the sale
  5. Earn up to 8% on purchases made from each referral purchase

How Do I Get Started?

To become an affiliate, simply start by filling out our interest form. Once your account is approved, we will provide you a personalized URL for our site that you can link to from your site and/or social network. Sales on our site made through this personalized link will then be credited to you and commission paid out.

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